5 Quick Tips to Losing Weight

1. Eat Breakfast

Losing weight is a simple math equation: Calories in vs. Calories out. The common misconception with weight-loss is that eating nothing is an effective way to lose weight. Although zero calorie intake will cause weight-loss, it will not cause the kind of weight to drop that we want. Losing weight in the wrong places can be worse than gaining weight. What do I mean? Well, losing weight the correct way by eating a set amount of calories and then burning excess through exercise allows your body to lose weight through burning excess fat stores. If you eat poorly your body will lose weight through loss of bone mass or other unhealthy sources. Start your day right with a healthy breakfast.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Water allows your body to stay hydrated which in turn keeps your muscles hydrated and ready to work for you when you need them. Cramping and other issues that can arise from dehydration will negatively impact your weight-loss goals. Also, water helps curb your appetite when you're in between meals. 

3. Intake Less Calories

This is the "calories in" we were discussing previously. Eating is quite possibly the hardest, yet most important part of the weight-loss process. You need to give your body the nutrition and calories it needs to make it through the day, without exceeding the amount of calories your able to burn off that day. Developing a Meal plan to fit your needs is no easy task. Contact us for some help with meal planning and healthy recipe ideas.

4. Burn More Calories

This is the "calories out" portion of our little "weight-loss equation" from before. Exercise is essentially the only way to safely burn calories. 15-30 minutes of light exercise in the mornings can go a long way. Look up the 31-day squat, lunge & pushup challenge by MyFitnessPal for some ideas for easy at-home exercises.

5. Stay Consistent

Even though it may not be easy to see the progress you're making immediately, it will begin to show over the course of a month depending on the intensity of your diet and exercise. Hold strong to your commitment and keep telling yourself it will be worth it in the long run. Before you know it you'll be obsessed with the process and you'll be blowing past your goals in no time.